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If you are at my Angelfire site and it's not working try my Tripod site.
Conversely, if my Tripod site isn't working try my Angelfire site.

Wow!  Has it Really been that long since I've done an update?  Well, still no new objects or skins.  I've taken a job outside of the home so I don't have time to make many skins/objects these days.  However, I wanted to make a couple notes . . .

1.  I do Not offer technical support or cheats.  Try one of the various forums out there or a search engine and some keywords.

2.  I'm not going to make naked Sims so don't bother requesting it.  Also, using lewd language will get your skin request dumped automatically without ever reaching me.  My site, my rules.

3.  I don't offer game advice.  Again, try the forums or a search engine.

4.  If you don't know where to put your files see my Help/FAQ section!  I can't stress this enough, folks.  I am inundated with emails inquiring as to how to download the files, how to use a zip program, where to put the files, etc . . . it gets repetitive and boring and I simply don't have the time to reply to all those emails.  Don't take it personally just read the FAQ.

5.  See that link to the left that says TUTORIAL?  That tells you how to make skins so Please don't email me to ask how to make a skin.  I took the time to create an easy-to-follow tutorial, the least a person can do is to read it before asking me how to make a skin.  Ugh!

Oh, the most important thing:  I will Not give out my serial number!!!!  Hello!  If you actually paid for the game then go to Maxis' site to figure out how to find your serial number.  If you didn't pay for the game then why not use the same resources you used to find the game to find the serial number.  Duh!  I Do Not encourage pirating but for Pete's sake, people, wipe off the dust and use your brain for once!  If you're resourceful (unscrupulous) enough to find the game then certainly you can find the serial number.

Okay, that felt good.  If you have emailed me in the past please don't feel bad (except for the pirates) about having done so.  I had time to answer the questions put to me back then.  I am stating this now because I no longer have that time available and I want everyone to understand why their emails may go unanswered from hereon out.  If I don't answer your question then that's a good indication that it can be found on my web site or a forum at WDS or TSR or a search engine.

Until next time, folks . . . have a great one!

I'm still around.  Just busy, busy, busy.  A boom in business, I'm happy to say, is preempting my skin/object creation.  Thought I'd pop in to add my Object Theft Free button and let everyone know I'm still out there, just busy.
Two patriotic outfits are in Girls' Pants.  I'm working on more.  TSR had a submission of an American flag yesterday so you can hop on over there and get one for all your Sims' homes.
Well now I can't get into my Tripod site to publish.  What a pain!  Guess I'll have to maintain both sites and link to each of them as mirrors in case one isn't working.

No object or skin updates today but I made a flag for those who are unable to find one in your stores.  It's 113 kb.  I couldn't find a large enough image so I made my own.  It should fill the length of an 8" x 11" sheet of paper so you can print it out and tape it to your door, mailbox or wherever else.  If you need it larger feel free to make it so.  Distribute it all you want just Don't alter it if you're distributing it.  I want it to remain as is, the United States Flag, minus text, extra graphics, etc.  You have permission to distribute it resized, though.  

After the Pearl Harbor attacks folks tied yellow ribbons so many folks decided that white ribbons for the atrocity in New York, Somerset County in Pennsylvania and Washington would be appropriate.  There were children on the flights.

American Airlines Flight 175: Crashed into the 2 WTC:
David Brandhorst: 3: Traveling with his dad
Christine Hanson
, 3: Traveling with her parents
Juliana McCourt, 4: Traveling with a woman, probably her mother

United Airlines Flight 77: Crashed into the Pentagon:
Bernard Brown, 11:  student, Leckie Elementary School. 
Asia Cottom, 11:  student at Backus Elementary School in Washington.
Rodney Dickens, 11, student at Leckie Elementary School in Washington.
Zoe Falkenberg, 8, University Park, Md. Traveling with her sister and parents.
Dana Falkenberg, 3, University Park, Md. Traveling with her sister and parents.

United Airlines Flight 93: Crashed in Somerset County, Pennsylvania:
Emerson Glick, 2 months old was traveling with his father

It blackens my heart and angers me.  It's horrific enough that civilian adults were used in this attack but these children were Totally innocent.  The fear and terror they must have felt being so young and naive and some of them maybe alone.  It's unspeakable, irreproachable, monstrous . . . .

Show your support and Stand Proud America!  Let's show those bastards what we're made of!  Donate that blood.  O- can be used by Anyone and O+ can be used by anyone with a positive blood type.

Another Update!  Three new male heads, one new female adult and child.  I wasn't able to finish them last night so here they are now.
Whew!  I've been busy.  Updated:
  • New rugs in Rugs2 (4 new designs, 8 rugs--two designs include three sizes)
  • Two new skins in women's pants (both overalls by request)
  • One new skin in girls' shorts
  • A new painting and rug added to the Hunting/fishing theme and . . . 
  • Heads!  Yes, that's what's been taking me so long.  I've only got a handful but I'm working on more.  

I got bored with making the clothing skins so I detoured a little to give myself a break so I can go back to Enjoying the skin creation process.  Enjoy the updates!

So I had some zip files that weren't working.  For whatever reason the entire file didn't make it onto Tripod's server.  They should all be fixed and in working order now.  It was mainly the boy's section.

A kind visitor informed me that the wall and floor in the Hunting/Fishing theme weren't working.  Tripod's file linking security caused a problem with it so I zipped them up and they are working now.  I apologize for that!

I hope those of you returning to school today had a good first day back.  To celebrate I made two more objects.  Okay, so I didn't really do it to celebrate school being back in session but I Did create two new objects for the Hunting/Fishing theme.  One is a depression glass table lamp and the other is a rainbow trout stuffed fish mounted on an antler.  I'm also in the process of skinning a couple female adults (sounds lovely, eh?) with overalls.  They have been in high demand!  What else?  Oh, I've got a couple female and girl heads in the works.  That's it for now.
Grab your fishing poles, put on your camo pants and multi-pocketed vests guys.  For you I have created a modestly sized hunting/fishing theme for your dens and studies.  Betty Boop has made an appearance on the Rugs page as well, in three sizes no less.  These rugs can be found in Objects: Rugs2
Skins are still on the backburner.  I'm addicted to rug making now.  I have added two new rugs to Objects>Rugs.  A celestial door/bathmat and a car-shaped two-tile rug (fits great next to the tykes' beds).  That may not seem like a big update but let me tell you . . . it was a big deal getting them done!  The first celestial rug ended up getting trashed because I was too frustrated with it after working on it for three days and Still having problems with it.  I decided it was time to go back to the drawing board and used the rug image for a door/bathmat instead.  So, enjoy them.  They were certainly little labors!  However, I am a stubborn cuss and I plan to do more shaped rugs.  The celestial mat took a fraction of the time the car rug did so I'm getting the hang of it.  We'll see what else I can come up with!  If you see a photograph of a rug that you'd like me to do, send it on to me.  It Has to be a 90 angle picture and has to show the entire rug.
Wow!  My first (decent) object.  If you have Livin' Large and want a new rug for your kiddo's room head over to Rug under Objects.  Lol, it looks funny as "Rug" but it's true.  I'm working on a vintage type soccer rug now.  Would look good in a child's room or man's den.  Should post it today (hubby's on a fishin' trip--I get to leave the dishes in the sink and be a bum, lol).

Dishes are still in the sink but there's a new area rug in a soccer motif in Rugs.

Finally did the dishes.  I couldn't stand looking at them any longer.  After that I made two more rugs for a total of four.  Think I'll make some more skins now.

08-09-2001 Early AM
The tutorial is up!  I hope I remembered everything.  I worked on it for several hours tonight trying to get it posted.  Hopefully it will be clear cut enough for beginning and advanced users of Paint Shop Pro alike.
08-08-2001 PM
Added two new skins to the Women's Skirts and dresses section.  A long medieval-type and a mini skirt request.

08-08-2001 AM
The skin making has slowed down.  I am getting lots of work in so I must take care of that first.  I am also in the process of writing a skinning tutorial.  It's aimed towards Paint Shop Pro users so it should be a little different than most tutorials out there.  So, hone up on your PSP skills and get ready.  I hope to have it completed in about a week.  I'm trying to make it as thorough and simple as possible so that PSP newbies and pros alike will be able to follow it.

Spoke too soon.  Just received my first Spanish version of Sircam.  Sigh.  Murphy's law strikes again!
Looks like my warning helped slow the flow of Sircam after all.  Cool.  I haven't received any yet today and only one yesterday.  That's great compared to the seven I received the day I put this warning up (that's what prompted me as I saw how the number of infections was increasing).  Hopefully other site owners will do the same and Sircam will dwindle further.  Ever the optimist.  =-)

My request queue is growing faster than I can skin so please be patient.  I Will get to your request.  I am also revamping the site a little by putting more skins on each page.  Less clicks for more skins.  Yay!  Thank you for the kind compliments on the site.  I appreciate it!  I am working on a links page so if anyone knows of a site that has some unusual/original skins please let me know so I can add it.  The obvious sites such as WDS, TSR and 7DS don't really need my help in making them popular so I'm trying to cull some of the less known, but equally notable, sites.  Some "real" work came in for me so I may not update for a few days.  Although I'd Prefer to be skinning I do have to contribute to my family's cash flow.  =-)

Aaack!  The w32.sircam worm is spreading like wild fire!  I have received six emails at the time of this writing containing the virus.  I am being a good netizen and emailing the people with infected computers the proper information but I thought I'd reach even more people by posting about it here!  If you get any emails containing the following two lines with an attachment DO NOT OPEN IT!  First line:  Hi! How are you?  Last line:  See you later.  Thanks.  For more information about the virus go to:  Symantec (Norton Anti-virus)  There is a removal tool on that page as well in case you are infected.  I didn't get it on my computer because I thought walkathon.doc.bat looked a little funny And because I scan All attachments before opening them!  Therefore my files are not infected, either (in case anyone is worried about that).

For those who could not get the yellow flares/floral tank to work on the Girls' Pants 2 page, a kind visitor told me the file wasn't working.  I checked it out and only 4 kb of the file had posted so I have now uploaded the entire .zip file.  I also added a new skin to girls' shorts.  Request # 5 filled.  =-)

Five more skins have been added.  Three in Women's dresses and one in Women's pants.  I've got about 11 more requests to fill before my queue is empty so if you submitted a request please bear with me.  I'm a workin' on it!  =-)  Y'alls' requests are inspiring new ideas in my head and I'm beginning to do skins freehand rather than hopping over to Gymboree and Old Navy now, lol.  That's a good thing as I prefer to be artistically independent.  However, copying and pasting the outfits from the stores was a good way to get started and to learn how to get things positioned just right (and to skirt the shading issue as they were already shaded).
I had my first "official" request via the request form yesterday.  As my hubby snored on the couch and my daughter slept peacefully and with no work on my plate tonight I took advantage of the situation and went to work.  The final result can be seen in the Skirts & Dresses 1 section of the Women's skins.
I got tired of Angelfire's downtime so I moved to Tripod.  Not the move I wanted to make but hey, it's free and it's working.  I've got some updates.  There are two new girls' flares outfits and one capri in Girl's Pants2, two pj sets in women's pajamas, one outfit in boys' pants, one swimsuit for girls and a long dress for girls.  Whew!  I've been chomping at the bit to get those up here!

1:06 am:  Added another skin to Boys' Pants2--a skater outfit (or the best I could do in that arena anyway). And while I'm still up (and will regret it in the AM) there is a recall on the red bandana outfit in Girls' Shorts.  A kind person informed me that I had the file named incorrectly.  You can either change it yourself by renaming the file to b001fcchdlgt_70s_skirt.bmp or you can download the .zip file with the corrected file.

Well, Angelfire's having problems so I have so far been unable to upload any more skins.  I'll try doing this via FTP despite the fact that it's not recommended with FrontPage webs.  But hey, I'm a rebel.  =-)  The b710 mesh is one of WDS's creations.  I was informed that they will soon be recalling that mesh due to a conflict with one of House Party's meshes.  As soon as I hear more I will let y'all know.

I've got four new girls' skins, one boys' pants skin and two women's' pajama skins to get on the site.  I will work on getting these up but I wanted to let y'all know that I Did return from my vacation.  Meeting my birth parents was Really cool, btw, and the wedding . . . well, it was a doosie and I'm Still recovering two weeks later (too much excitement + 48 hours in a vehicle = something akin to the flu)!  =-)

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